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Narada Thorington

About the Photographer:

As far back as I can remember I've always had an artistic inclination. I have been (and still am in many cases) involved in writing, dancing, martial arts, acting (theatre & film), graphic design, photography, videography and much more. While I enjoy social outings, I prefer small gatherings with close friends or family (especially my son).  I use my personal experiences to develop my approach to my profession, and my professional experiences to improve my personal life. My love and appreciation of photography as a hobby developed in my early teen years. My respect for and interest in it as a profession developed while I was in my early 20s.

About the business:

The company name came about because daylight was the only source of light I used in my early portrait work. My lack of gear, due to my (non-existent) budget, forced me to be creative while shooting using only the available light from the sun. As my skill and finances improved I came to appreciate the value of additional lighting and expanded my equipment to include strobes, speedlights and reflectors among other things. However I still prefer to shoot using natural/ambient light as much as possible.

Although the initial service provision was portrait photography, this rapidly expanded into many other genres as the demand increased (as seen in this site's various galleries). While I am equipped to do studio/indoor portrait work, I primarily shoot on location (outdoors). I use my experience as an occasional photo-lab assistant, and my interaction with other professionals in my field, to keep myself up-to-date, thorough and creative with my work. To this day I still love to see the excitement/satisfaction on clients' faces when they see the results of their shoots.

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